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Fusion Systems recognises the single most important factor to consider when supporting a school or academy:

"How will this ultimately benefit the students?"

We want your students to be able to learn in a safe environment, with the correct parameters in place so they can navigate securely during their daily lessons. Students need facilities that allow them to access teacher resources, to conduct research, share ideas and to save their work. These systems require effective protection from all negative outside influences.

Technology is now a key factor in the life of every student, both in and out of the CLASSROOM, with students actively embracing its use. With all students having different learning needs and skill levels, the use of technology can often help bridge learning gaps, allowing all students to access the curriculum. Every subject utilises IT in different ways with more and more programmes being being created for educational use. Increasingly teachers look to combine computer/internet work within their lessons to help engage students with their subject. With 3D printers and graphics programmes in Design Technology, composition software in Music, Virtual Reality humanities programmes, and Linguistics packages, SCHOOLS are overwhelmed by the choice of products available. Fusions Systems can provide GUIDANCE on what will work best for you and your budget.

Empowering your students to use technology safely from a young age will reduce their fear and improve their career opportunities in later life. Jeff Smith, head of Anson primary school in London, which won a Becta ICT Excellence Awards in 2009 says:

"We are preparing children not just to use the keyboard but to develop skills that will be transferable in the future as technologies develop.”

Fusion Systems can provide you with the infrastructure and support to achieve your students’ goals. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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